Importance of the Design

Design is the first step to anything of value.  The value of a great website comes mainly from its structural integrity.  That integrity comes directly from the thought process that went into the design.

So you already have a Website?

Let’s look under the hood…shall we?

There are millions of junk websites floating at the bottom of every search engine.  Like sludge at the bottom of a cesspool, there really is no value to a website that cannot perform.   Your website could look clean and sleek from the outside, but if little went into the design ahead of time, you wasted any money invested…along with your time.  A website is like a vehicle.  If it looks good on the outside but has a weak engine, you will be left on the side of the road.  What you see, and what the search engines see aren’t the same.  A good website has structural integrity in mind on both sides.  The code on the back end should also be up to date and clean.  If it looks like a rat’s nest of wires, you won’t see good performance.

Design is the First Step

Before building a website, think about what it’s purpose is going to be, and who will be using it.  Navigation is very important in all cases.  If your user cannot find anything, or has to wait minutes for your pages to load, they will leave your site and look elsewhere for what they seek.  This will cost you sales if your website is a online store. Also, If your website is representing your business, that will earn you a black eye, and egg on your face.

Most websites today are thrown together inexpensively by amateurs using outdated software.  These cookie-cutter websites offer little value to those who think they are getting a great deal on price.  Unfortunately, great websites take time to design and develop.  This is usually reflected in the price one pays to have such a quality product.  As with all things of value, there is no substitute for quality.  You either have it or not.  In conclusion, It takes time to produce a quality product.  Design is always the first step to quality.