Looking for a life coach?  Shahryar Sadree builds success-driven people.  Sadree can help you set goals and reach them if you are ready to make a commitment and invest in yourself.  Success is more than just a word, it is the ultimate trophy reward one can experience in this lifetime.  Success builds confidence and has the power to render fear obsolete.  Sadree offers out-of-the-box training techniques that work.

Self Awareness Is The Key

Self awareness is the key element that will unlock your full potential.  Everyone of us has the ability to achieve greatness.  We look up to celebrities… movie stars, rock stars, athletes, and others who have reached the highest level of financial success.  We glorify them as our heroes and role models.  What many of us fail to realize is that they are human, just like us.  What has given them the power to achieve such greatness is their deep understanding of self awareness.

What is a Life Coach?

By definition, a life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

Life Coaching is a profession that is quite different than  psychology, counseling, or social work.  The process begins with an initial meeting (to see if we are a good fit).  Life Coaching addresses specific areas where a client may want to improve on, but has no idea where to start.  This could include but not be limited to:

  • Self Esteem issuescoach-shaun
  • Self Discovery
  • Love Relationships 
  • Business Relationships
  • Career Goals
  • Personal Problems
  • Spiritual / Finding Your Purpose
  • Creative Discovery
  • And More…

A life coach is someone who will help you to find your ideal life’s vision, discover what is blocking your way to it, and help you come up with a plan to overcome your fears and live your dreams.  Keep in mind, You will be doing the work, but having someone lighting the way for you makes it a little easier.

For some, a little boost is all that is needed to motivate and inspire.  Others need a sense of direction to find their full potential.  But the most common issue is a hidden fear of change that has kept a a grip on the individual.  These are some things a life coach will help a client with.

Sadree believes that to change the behaviors, one must first change the path of thought.  A change in thought leads one to change their perspective.  It’s that change of perspective that changes everything.

Do I Really Need a Life Coach?

That is a question only you can answer.  Most people think they don’t need a life coach.  Those that hire life coaches are people who are tired of trying their own failed methods, and value the insight of someone else who has found their way to success.  These people value the precious time that ticks away from their lives with every failed attempt.  Some even value their relationships, jobs, or careers that are in jeopardy because of their uncontrollable thoughts or behaviors.

Other people just want a different approach or perspective so they can better themselves.  It has been said “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Why This Guy?

Hiring a life coach is an important decision.  Finding someone who has the working knowledge of the areas that you want to improve on is a good start.  Some of my coaches over the years have been the very best. I have followed the advice of strategists like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill, and have done so for a long time.  There have been several others also, and I continue to look for individuals who possess the knowledge that I seek.  Being self educated involves qualifying mentors for my next round of the education process.  Unlike traditional brick and mortar schools, this type of education has no set curriculum, the information is more concentrated and the cost is much less.  The best part is that I can begin another round anytime I need to.  Learning from past mistakes is another way for me to grow from where I’m at currently.

People in general are well intended, but the roads to hell are paved with good intent.  Most of us have made many mistakes that we aren’t proud of.  Learning from our mistakes is where growth happens.  It is actually inspiring to see that in people these days.  Owning our mistakes is the only way to learn from them, and mistakes that teach the hard lessons are the building blocks of good character.

My businesses are successful because I seek help from those who know a little something about the areas that I need help with.  They helped me become the success I am today.  I have always wanted to help people, like my father, who was a man of medicine.  Although my path took me in a different direction, my passion for being a source of aid to my fellow brethren is very much in line with the dreams of my father.