This page is for those of you who want to know more about my years of knowledge and experience. I hand select all of my clients through a qualification process. I will actually do my homework before attempting any contact. If I came to you, there was a very good reason for that effort and the visit.

Most people in business today only advertise and don’t really know the difference between marketing and advertising. Even less people think that there is more to branding than just a logo. This is why ad companies are calling you so much. To them, you are only a quick payday. Most of them operate out of call centers outside of Florida or the country altogether. Their business model is “turn-and-burn.” So, I understand your frustration and skepticism. I feel the same way about telemarketers. My hope is that after reading this, you will feel that you have found someone who is skilled, success driven and worthy of your trust.

Trust IS The Highest Currency

-Assadolah Sadree, M.D.

My father was a man of medicine. He finally retired himself after multiple heart attacks and two strokes. He was always building his wealth in knowledge. I didn’t have a dad growing up. What I had was a role model, one who understood the value of his reputation.

“Education is important, because your reputation is most important.  Nobody can take that away from you.  Be good at what you do, and always do your best.”

My father believed that society puts their trust in people who value education, and that is also what establishes your credibility. Trust was very important to this man. He dedicated his entire life to serve. The apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree. Like my father, trust is something I value deeply. Earning your trust is my goal and top priority. All I need to get started is 1%. You can rest assured that I will earn the other 99%.

Early Internet Pioneers

Shahryar Sadree (left) and James B. Schmidt (right).

In 1982, my childhood best friend, James B. Schmidt introduced me to his new computer. It was a Commodore 64 with a cassette tape drive. His dad worked for IBM, and would eventually bring home the IBM PC XT computer for us to play with and learn. James was quick to learn basic programming on the Commodore 64. By the time he graduated to the IBM, he was doing advanced programming well enough to build and launch our first digital bulletin board.

The Internet became available to the world on August 6, 1991. Before that time there were digital bulletin boards. Those were the early websites and that is to say, there weren’t many. We would post things on it daily and watch others across the world post on our board.

The Dynamic Duo

Shahryar Sadree 1983

My interests were more into electric guitars and fast cars. While we spent every moment of our childhood together, we found a way to enjoy each other’s interests. James did the programming, and I was in charge of the big ideas. I would show him cool tricks on the guitar and he would post them onto our bulletin board. Subsequently, this would become my early history with building and maintaining websites. Most of our classmates didn’t even know what we had or bothered to care enough to ask. Even more, some would say we were nerds.

Branding And Marketing

Fast forward to 1999. Eventually, I had found my way into a professional rock band. Consequently, I became the one who would design the logo, make the flyers, book the shows, collect the money, and give the band the image it needed to look like the bands we would pay to see in concert. By the way, we would use the bands we would to pay to see as a business model.

Every legend in rock music history has had representation from a major record label. Prior to the Internet, artists couldn’t establish a career in the music industry without a label to support them. Things were about to change, as we would have our shot at a real music career in 2002.

The Big Test

In 2001, I had a lawn service with nearly 250 weekly contracts. One of my customers took a deep interest in our music and asked if he could send our demo CD to a friend of his in San Diego, California. I gave him one and told him to tell his friend to enjoy it. Unbeknownst to me, that CD would end up in New York on the desk of Rob Haiber of P2M Productions (early MTV) within a week! I get a phone call, and Rob asks me if we had a website?

Within 24 hours, with the help of my brother Mazi, we had a website. Mazi found a website building software, and created the band it’s first website. He did all of the programming, and I did all of the artwork, the layout design, and text content. The website we threw together in less than a day was enough to wow people in New York and Hollywood!

AARSON 1999 – 2007

In 2002, the band relocated to Los Angles, California under management contracts. We were told that we were invited to play at an industry showcase scheduled at the Kodak Theater one week after we arrived. We needed to be ready, because that was our big break.

It was explained to me by several people in the industry, that “the only difference between a garage band and one that plays in arenas was the brand identity.Gene Simmons told me that everyone in the world knows KISS. The brand I had created for my band AARSON impressed the executives at MCA/ Universal Records, and rock legend Gene Simmons!

I would use this knowledge and experience as the foundation for my first official web marketing firm in 2008, Sadree Web Design.

The Era Of Web Marketing

By 2009, I was working one-on-one with website designers, developers, graphic artists, videographers, search engine optimizers, and social media specialists. We dominated any industry we ventured into. All that was needed was the research into that new industry. We studied every top listing from every angle to find strengths and weaknesses. Our clients were all small businesses, who were tired of being cheated and lied to. Since we had the proof we could do the things we had promised, we had no problem getting hired.

In Conclusion

Today, I use the proven methods that launched music careers into orbit. These are the same methods that took small mom and pop businesses and transformed them into American Empires! With advertising, there aren’t any performance guarantees. Yes, the chances are good your phone may ring. The probability is there for a job or two. But, if you want to get the most out of the technology available, you must not exclude the human element. I’t’s this crucial facet that will set you above everyone else. Because if you only do the minimum, then what is left to make you stand out?

Your Success Is My Business!

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