It’s important to know that your online reputation and what your friends and regular customers think about you aren’t the same. In fact, we are always going to give ourselves a much higher score if we are to grade our own paper. The online world isn’t as forgiving.

The first-time customer experience tells the real story. Reviews tell others what to expect. Since technology has removed the human element, it’s your job to place it back in. Your Awareness to this fine detail will make a difference that you will notice.

Non-responsive Owner

Think for a moment. What does this say to someone reading your reviews? Non-responsive action to a review isn’t going to improve your score. In fact, it will hurt you silently. If you don’t have the time, hire someone. It will be worth what it costs you to do so. Good or bad reviews all deserve a response. If you care about the customer experience, you should already know this. If you don’t really care, fake it, because It’s already is hurting you, but you just don’t know it.

Respond Without Emotion

The way you respond will also tell the reader how sincere you are in making the customer experience a pleasant one. Grand standing is a great way to lose potential customers while making yourself appearing pompous. Telling your story isn’t necessary. The best action to take is to appear that you are willing to make it right. Sometimes a little sugar can make that bad review go away. Google, Facebook and Yelp aren’t going to delete it, but the one who wrote it can. Keep this in mind before you go on a rant.

Hire a Skilled Writer

Having someone not emotionally attached do the writing for you is the best thing you can do. First, they will stick to the goal. Which is to make you look good. Also, someone with writing skills will show your level of education as being higher than average. This is important if you want to appear professional.

In Conclusion

Your reputation is important in the online world, so it should be very important to you. Responding to reviews, and how you go about it helps build your reputation online. But if you really want to secure your credibility, you will need more than just that. Article posts will set you apart from others who don’t take the time to write about their craft. Video is also another powerful way to build your credibility.

Things change rapidly online. If you want to stay on top, or even in the middle, you need someone to watch this for you. The more solid your credibility, the easier time you will have keeping your reputation solid online.