gold brickWhat would you do if someone handed you one of these today?  Would you hesitate to accept it?  Would you just take it and bury it in the yard, or throw it in a closet? Or would you graciously accept this most valuable gift and use it to better the quality of your life?  You are probably thinking: What does a brick made of solid gold have to do with me?  Well, nothing, but knowledge is very much like that brick of gold… it only has value if you accept it and apply it toward something equal of value.

I spent most of my life building in the landscape construction trade.  My works of art only hold their value if the people who paid to have them constructed took good care of them.  I have applied the same level of commitment in every area of my life and have accomplished some amazing things.

My name is Shahryar Sadree and It’s pronounced exactly the way it is spelled: SHAH – REE – ARE     SAD – REE.  I am an artist of many trades.  My specialty is design and build.  I am a creator of valuable things, and today I build people.

Humble Beginnings

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1969 and moved here to the United States in 1974.  Growing up was not easy as an immigrant.   As a result, I was the target for bullies

I became a a citizen of this country in 1983 and changed my first name Shaun, For the purpose of making it easier on others to pronounce my name, and also to avoid the spotlight of the foreigner.  Consequently, this was the beginning of a troubled life that would end in my enlightenment.

Life of Turmoil

My early beginnings took me to some very dark places that eventually led to the loss my own identity.  I was a lost soul wondering aimlessly in a pit of darkness, and comfortably numb most of the time.  No doubt that my life was a mess back then. I still managed to stumble upon success from time to time.  My determination to succeed in life no matter what was my attitude then and I still have it now.  Determination is the attitude that builds winners.

Shahryar Sadree: The Rock Star

Aarson 1999 – 2007

My first love has always been music.  I played professionally for many years since my early twenties.  Ultimately, I devoted much of my life to becoming a career musician.  In 2002, what looked like a break came my way.  Accordingly, the band and I moved to Los Angeles, California to begin a music career (leaving behind homes, families and businesses).  As it turned out, the only thing we came back home with from LA was an education, and a very expensive one.  LA wasn’t a total failure because I used that knowledge to do other things.  Ironically, I did eventually become a rock star, but not exactly what I had in mind.  My education and experience in brand marketing was put to the test in LA.  To my surprise, it impressed some very influential names in the industry including: DJ Latin Prince, Marketing VP at MCA/ Universal Records, and Gene Simmons of the legendary rock band, KISS.

Shahryar Sadree and rock legend Gene Simmons.

Shahryar Sadree: The Landscape Artist

seahorseI used what I learned in Los Angeles to build a brand for myself as a rock and stone artist.   Returning back to Florida in 2003, I had realized my goal of becoming a rockstar.  It was just not what I had pictured in my mind.

My work was very unique and of the highest quality of workmanship and design.  The Landscape Artist, as I have come to be known, has successfully stood out from every other landscape company in this part of the country.  In fact, coffee table books around the world have my work in them. As a result, I have also had international interns fly to the United States from Europe to learn my techniques of landscaping.  I ran that company successfully until 2018, when I made a decision to retire myself from the industry altogether.  Following the advice of Napoleon Hill, in his epic book Think And Grow Rich, I decided to “burn my ships.”   Consequently, I began to sell off trucks, trailers, and equipment related to the landscape industry, focusing all of my time and energy on my new career as a coach, author and speaker.

Life Coach / Business Coach

People ask what qualifies me to teach others.  If you are looking for formal degrees, I don’t have them.  Today, we live in the era of information. Traditional schooling has become limited and obsolete.

The internet became publicly available on August 6, 1991, and many people still haven’t taken advantage of it.  The Internet is my porthole to an education beyond what any school could have ever given me, and it only costs my time.

I have amassed a world of knowledge over the internet.  My education is an ongoing journey.  I have many certificates of completion from various courses I have taken, and continue to take.  However, I would like to add that certificates and degrees have little worth when measured against competence and a successful track record.  If you are looking for a way to a better life, who better to guide you than someone who successfully found their way out of hell and onto a mountain top?

 Motivational Speaker

motivational speakerSharing what I have learned over the years is what I do.  I feel it is my calling and purpose in life to help others find their way to happiness.  For some, happiness is just a dream.  Others see happiness as a false promise.  Living paycheck-to-paycheck, I can see how that may seem to be true under those circumstances.  In all honesty, I felt that way too at one point in my life.  It wasn’t until I started to search deeper within that I found this place we all yearn to find.  Happiness is a reality we can all experience.  This is what my lectures are all about!