Perspective in Business

“Perspective is the key to life mastery.  Perspective in business is win or lose. When you understand and appreciate this very fine detail, your life will change forever!”   

Shahryar Sadree

As a coach, my job is to reach deep within you and pull out your very best. To do this, you will need to be ready to see everything from another perspective.  Holding on to methods and ideas that didn’t work so well for you isn’t going to bring you fortune…so, try something different.  The work won’t be as daunting as you think right now.  Because, you won’t be doing all the work.  The power from two people working on the same level of energy is far greater than one alone.  Now multiply that power from what will come from the rest of your team.

Why Panic…When You Have a Good Plan?

In every crisis scenario, the first thing people do, is panic.  We call this “human instinct.”  However, it has never been in our nature to be gripped by fear.  Human beings are resilient.  We are the top of the food chain on this planet…ALL of us.  That is just how much power we have.  Some of us have a pretty good idea of this hidden power, most of us do not.  Those that tap into that power find out quickly that a good plan was all that was needed from the start.  Good plans come together when the mind is calm, not in panic mode. To come up with a good plan, your perspective is what must change.

  The Leadership Perspective

Leaders are required to lead, that’s part of the job duty. Your best thinking happens when you’re calm.  As a leader, you set the tone, you set the course.  Whether you steer the ship out to sea or into the rocks, it’s going to be your choice.  So, I understand the anxiety that comes with business ownership well.  In my many years in business, my successes always came from my people.  I kept the best I could find close to me.  Because good people are hard to find.    

A Perspective in business

Life is all about perspectives.  The better your perspective, the more accurate of a picture you will get.  We can look at this COVID-19 scare as a doomsday scenario, or we can look at this as a clean start to a different way of thinking and living. 

“Your Success IS My Business.”

Doing business will never be the same again.  Everything has been coming to this point of change.  If you aren’t online by now, starting now would be a very good idea.  Those who are online, but don’t know what they have or how it works, it’s time to act now!  While you are waiting to see what happens, like everyone else, someone in your industry is going to dominate your area. That smart person can be you!     

Success Over Survival

Many people are worried about survival.  Although survival is instinctual, survival requires more than just will alone.  Survival also requires wit…and so does your success.  If your focus remains locked on success, the people and situations will come to you like metal to a magnet!  You must have been thinking of your success, because our paths didn’t cross by accident. Because I’m here to give you a better perspective in business. 

Don’t Wait, Act Now!

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