Happiness is an Inside Job

If you are just looking to be happy in life, this article should interest you.  For many years now, I’ve been teaching the art of being happy.  This is an unusual business to be in, but it’s very high in demand these days.  People spend every spare moment and every spare dollar they have to pursue happiness, in some cases, to no end!  One thing I have noticed during my own hunting expeditions for happiness, is that it’s never found anywhere on the outside.  Also, we weren’t meant to be content all of the time.  How boring would life be then?  Variety is the spice of life.  Now, I know that pain, misery, and despair aren’t fun to experience, but how else would we ever know to appreciate joy?

A Closer Look

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle.  If we have a deeper understanding of it, life becomes more of an adventure and less of a struggle.  What I’m talking about here is that we create most of our own problems.  What we refer to as a “problem” is nothing more than a situation that requires a pathway out. Every problem has a solution that will work best for that problem.  Most often, with a calm mind, we can see the solution hovering right in front of us.  It’s in those calm moments when our best thinking is possible.  It’s important to keep in mind that everything around us is energy that will either push us closer or pull us farther away from our goals.  Looking closer into this we can see how happiness is an inside job.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking alone will accomplish nothing.  I’ve read articles and seen videos on affirmations and positive thoughts.  If anyone believes the way to riches is merely done with thought alone, that person is preparing for disappointment.  Hard work is also not required.  The word hard implies struggle.  When you understand energy, you will know that it flows freely…like water.  Positive thinking is necessary as much as the actions required to follow through to the desired results.  It begins with a thought, but without the necessary actions required to support the thought, not much will work to go in that direction.

Law of Attraction

 Ask-Believe-Receive.  It’s just that simple right?  Well, not exactly.  What most people who study the law of attraction aren’t aware of, is that all universal laws work together.  We cannot just pick the ones we like.  Since they are all interwoven, we must understand the others to know how the law of attraction works.  For example: the law of vibration is closely related to the law of attraction. More often, it’s in the lack of understanding where we unconsciously get in our own way. 

The law works in the background and like any law, our ignorance doesn’t excuse or exclude consequences that come as a result of our actions.    Though our awareness of it alone won’t do much to change the flow of energy, our positive emotions and dedicated commitment will.  This is known as “alignment.”  When your thoughts and actions “align”, things begin to flow in the direction of the desired thought.  Sometimes a roadblock or set back gets in the way, but what’s actually happening is a new path developing to shorten the gap between thought and manifested life experience.  We must never under estimate the power of energy, even if we don’t quite understand it just yet.

Details Do Matter

Everything is revealed in the details.  If you are one who overlooks the fine print, then you truly are missing something very important.  Most people are so focused on things on the outside, when the answers they are looking for can only be found on the inside.  It has been said: “If you fail to go within, you go without.”  Think about that profound statement…often.

In Conclusion

Life can become confusing at times, even for the most skilled humans who walk among us.  The idea that it’s a walk in the park for anyone all of the time is laughable!  Those who are brave get to experience something wonderful.  Bravery doesn’t mean not being scared to take on your fears, in fact it means to press forward despite your fears.  Being human comes with some limitations, in spirit, there are no limitations. Just like the mind and body (brain) aren’t the same, neither are the mind and spirit.  Spirit is who we are deep inside.  Mind is our navigation tool; however, we can allow other sources manipulate it to their liking.  Often times, we do unknowingly.

Perspective Becoming Reality

To get the most from our moments in these vehicles of flesh, we need to put our life into perspective.  When we see ourselves on that deep level, then we can see just how powerful we are.  Our mind can then be used as it was intended.  Which is to navigate us towards our wildest dreams and beyond.  Every event in our life experience started from a thought that sparked a chain reaction.  We do have some control, if we are aware of what’s happening around us.  This is why happiness is an inside job.