Unstoppable Power

The first thing you will need if you want to tap into the power is a better understanding of the rules.  Life has no rules, but winning does.  You can do as you like.  This is the concept of free will.  Please notice that although you are free to do as you want, you can only do so with repercussion and consequence for each action.  Punishment isn’t going to rain on you from some angry and judgmental god.  Whatever you chose to do will either help your cause or set you back.  The referee in this game is the Law of Cause and Effect.  Here, is where knowing the rules are helpful. 

Understanding Energy

We hear the word “Energy” a lot.  Most of us think we know what it is.  Not many of us can explain exactly what it is or how it works.  Nikola Tesla said that we live in a sea of energy.  What do you think he meant by that?  Many other like-minded people agree with Tesla.  The idea can best be explained by examining something we can visualize. 

For example, water, when it is calm will appear as glass.  If you were to throw a rock in water that is that calm, you will have a reaction equal to the force of the rock making contact with the water.  This will cause waves.  A ripple effect will send wave after wave, until the water becomes calm again.  This is the Law of Cause and Effect in action.  That same energy is transferred through thin air.  Since air is thinner than liquid, there is less resistance, but the transfer of energy is still there.  Your thoughts will trigger the ripple effect into the ether like the rock hitting the calm water.  Every thought has this effect.  So be very aware of your thoughts…they will steer your ship for you.

Perception Is Everything Real to You

Everything begins and ends within your own mind.  If you say it can’t be done or impossible, then it is.  On the other hand, if you say it’s worth doing, then it must be!  Every human walking the planet has the tools to navigate their way through life like a master.  However, not many will ever know the true nature of their own power.  Sadly, people would rather be told what and how to think instead of thinking freely using their intuition.  A lot of knowledge is buried within all of us.  If we could tap into that energy pool, walls will turn to doorways before our eyes.  And if we kept doing that, the walls would come down entirely and a completely different reality would come into view.  We are limited in our understanding, and for many of us, a change of perspective isn’t something we are going to allow ourselves to do! 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

-William Blake

Harness the Power

Powerful people think differently than the weak.  If power is what you seek, the best way to it is by thinking your way to it.  Everything begins as a thought.  Forces of nature are always working in the background.  Nothing happens by chance.  When you can understand that, you can begin to learn how to harness the power. 

When I say powerful people, I am referring to those who seem to leap mountains, but also those who live a comfortable lifestyle instead of struggle.  Powerful people choose the kind of life they want to live, then make it their reality. 

The weak minded wouldn’t be reading this material, as self-improvement wouldn’t even hit their radar.  But, being weak doesn’t mean we can’t access the power.  It is always within our reach; we only have to choose it.  And not everyone does. 

Eyes Wide Shut 

We all choose the lives we have by the decisions we make.  Most of the time we make a choice based on emotion and the logistics are pushed aside while we try to feel better in the moment.  Then, we look for something or someone to blame for our own mistakes, and the cycle continues.  People like to claim their mistakes about as much as they claim ownership of a loud and smelly fart inside of a crowded elevator. 

Unfortunately, mistakes are the building blocks of success, and some are expensive.  Learning from them is the best way to keep the same mistakes from sweeping your legs out from under you…again.  To see any kind of long-term improvement, we must be willing to think differently.

The more you understand the mind and how it works, you will learn how to discipline it to think another way.  The mind is a collection of programs.  Like a computer that comes with factory installed software. 

You can reprogram your mind with new programs…ones that you install.  Another thing you should really be concerned about is that just as easily as you can program your mind, someone else can too…just as easily, and most often without you even knowing!

The Killer of Dreams

Fear of failure is the killer of dreams, and yet most of us are guilty of this thing we call fear.  We are cautious to act, when it comes to our money…but how easily we forget how much more precious our time is.  Our fear of failure leads us down the path of indecision, and we actually self-destruct.  Nothing great ever came to be without some degree of calculated risk.  You have to know and trust in your own abilities, and enough faith in the laws of nature, that have governed the entire universe from its early beginnings.    

You ARE the Power Source

Until you realize that YOU are the source of the power you seek, you will always second guess yourself.  People seem to put themselves beneath their full potential, and then complain of the results…or even worse, settle for them. 

To be unstoppable will require you to break down walls from within.  This kind of demolition work can only be done by the individual.  Nobody else can do this for you.  It takes strength to accept things outside of your power, it also takes courage to change things from within, but the wisdom comes when you can spot the difference.  Most importantly, integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. 

If you know what you want, the paths to it will begin to crystalize as you take steps toward it.  Having the correct mindset will allow you to literally walk through barrier walls inside your mind.  This will become obvious to you when you no longer hesitate to make decisions.  Making swift decisions after having the details you need, will close the gap between you and what you desire much faster.       

“The man who hesitates to make a decision, when he has all of the necessary facts at hand, will never get anywhere.”

-Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie said these words to Napoleon Hill, while Hill was putting together the literary masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich.  This was to be the success philosophy of its time, allowing anyone willing to take the steps necessary, to find their fortune by thinking their way to it.  It sounds too good to be true, but 500 or more of the country’s most influential minds were interviewed over the span of 20 years in order to gather such data.  One thing they had in common was a way of thinking that most others can’t fathom.  We all can learn so much from the successes and failures of others…if we choose to do so.  The methods in Think and Grow Rich still hold true to the present times, because they work in harmony with the laws of nature.

In Conclusion

To win more often, the rules must be understood.  Learning the laws of nature isn’t going to law school either.  The information is there if you seek it.  But, the desire to acquire the knowledge has to start somewhere within you.  If we keep making excuses for why we aren’t doing something different, only time will pass.  Change is inevitable, it can either work in our favor or work against us.  As individuals, we do have a choice in how we live our lives.  Despite what the outside world is doing, our inside world is always ours to control.

The power is always within our reach.  What we choose to do will determine our life experience, and our fate.  If you have little ones, consider what possibilities an open mind could offer them.  Opportunity only presents itself under the right set of circumstances.  The window doesn’t stay open indefinitely either, so your time to act is limited.  The power is something we all have…and that’s the good news!  You can leave it buried within, or harness it and become unstoppable!