Importance of Teamwork in a Small Business

Teamwork is a vital element of survival.  It’s so basic, we can see it being practiced in nature from every animal down to the finest insect.  Let us examine the Ant.  This tiny creature has amazing power, many times greater than its own size!  The ant has survived millions of years through time.  Its ability to create incredible structures is a match to that of humans.  Ants are able to do this as we have learned to do…through teamwork.

What is a Team, and What is the Significance?

The value of teamwork is almost always underestimated.  As children, we are conditioned to think and behave as a member of something much larger than our tiny self.  It begins with membership to a family the day we are born.  We are given a first name and assume the last name of the clan we are born into.  That becomes our home team; our family.  From there we start school, then our classmates and teachers become our secondary team.  We share thoughts and ideas from each other, and eventually we find friends.  These people we turn to as friends become part of our home team.  Friends are truly the family we get to choose (so, choose wisely).

Teamwork in Your Business

As a small business owner, myself, I’ve had to take on many job duties in the beginning stages of development.  I had to do it this way, because unlike the ant world, humans require pay for their contribution to my team.  When I first started out, I didn’t have a lot of money to hire others to work for me. But now, I have enough to hire special talent to do specific tasks for me.  I don’t have to do it all anymore (thank God for that). Placing the right people in the right places has proven many times over to be the best choice ever!

In the ant world, well…they keep it very simple.  The colony is the main priority.  Everyone inside the colony has a job, and everyone benefits when the team wins.  That sounds like something we all should try as humans.  With the mindset of an ant, humans can achieve levels of greatness, like ants have for millions of years.

As the Team Owner, you aren’t required to do everything yourself anymore. Having the right talent in the right place will save your most valuable resource…time. It will also prove to be the best move you will ever make.

Every great team has a great coach. Let me be THAT for you. Call me, or schedule a meeting with me.