The Success Map

The Success Map is an outline of your strengths and weaknesses in key areas online, that make or hurt your web presence.  These areas affect the strength of your brand’s credibility and will also determine what kind of traffic you will attract and also send away. 

I include a list of long- and short-term objectives to keep you focused in the right direction, and a step-by-step guide to get you started.  The Success Map is something I designed as a blueprint for your success.  Every business has different needs, and because of this, cookie-cutter programs or “package deals” yield little return.  The idea is to cut out all of the waste and focus your budget on the main pipeline of quality traffic from people looking for your business. 

Your Brand’s Overall Identity and Strength

The internet is a level playing field for anyone who knows the rules of the game.  Like everything else in life, if you know how to play the game, you will win.  Online, you can look larger than life.  You should take advantage of that opportunity.  Because if you don’t, someone else will, and they can take customers out of your market and into their doors.  But only if their business is better established.    

The 3 main areas that make up your overall web presence are your online reputation, your website, and your brand identity


You may have a good name with your regular customer base, maybe even the whole local community.  Online, you look much different.  If you want to tap into the untapped potential, you will be performing to a different set of eyes and they don’t know you like your regulars.  Your reviews are your word of mouth in the age of information.  Everyone has a digital device and most bury their faces in them often.  Ads are more annoying than they are helpful unless they have the ability to connect on a human level somehow.  Great ads take time and skill to produce.  These great ads will also emboss your brand into the minds of your target audience…if they are clever enough.  Building your reputation online will require responding and connecting with your audience on a human level.  Your reputation can only be established with credibility.  What better way to earn that then by sincerity and humbleness?

Your Website

The website is the only place where you have full control of everything.  It’s also the hub of the entire marketing vehicle.  A strong website takes time to build and longer to build onto. Some people say that websites are obsolete, or Google and Facebook ads work just fine. These people clearly don’t understand the purpose of the website or how your web presence is impacted without a strong hub where you control everything. To establish web authority, you will need credibility.

Strong Messages Attract Quality People

Articles and blogs will set you apart. When everyone is doing little to nothing and you and only a few others are sharing your knowledge, you appear as more interesting. when your entire web program is uniform and sends a crystal clear message, you’re more likely to attract quality buyers, and employees than low-balling and price matching.

What Message Are You Sending to Your Target Audience?

There are always going to be bargain hunters and window shoppers. The serious buyer does homework. He/ she will read your reviews and click into your website to take a look around. Your message will be either Welcome to our home we were expecting you! or This website was the cheapest we could get away with…good luck finding anything. I think you get the idea. The website is your stage to the world, and you are the star of the show. Take advantage of that.

Your Brand’s Identity

Building brand credibility requires a level of commitment and consistency. Without a clear brand identity, establishing credibility becomes difficult, in most cases impossible

Define your brand clearly and set a consistent brand image. Using social media platforms is a requirement for reaching out to your local community. 

EVERY SINGLE ONE of your missed opportunities are on social media. Learn to use technology as a human… make contact with other humans.  Be the brand that is different.  STAND OUT.    

From this evaluation I will put together the map.  We work from that map and make adjustments when needed to meet every goal we set together. 

The First Step is Here

As you can see how these areas complement and support each other. Falling short in any one area will affect the other two. The Success Map is a great way to a strong plan. All it will take to get started is taking that first step.

You can call me, or schedule a short meeting so we can discuss your goals, and the challenges that you are experiencing that is keeping you from them. The Success Map will give you a good idea of what is happening online and how to position yourself better. Sometimes all we need is a better perspective.

Success always begins with a good plan. I have a few ideas to share with you. Call me now let’s get started!