10 Powerful I Am Affirmations that will Transform Your Life

We are all the creators of our own lives. Affirming that “I Am the Creator” puts the mind into the perspective of the creator…and that’s where the power comes from.

The most powerful words you can say in this existence are the words “I AM.”  Knowing what they mean can crystallize its power.  Without thought or belief, there will be no action. 

In other words, you must understand how all of this works in order to work it correctly into your favor.  Everybody wants a quick way to more money, love and more freedom.  Well here it is.  The less time you spend suspended in unconscious animation, the longer it will take for you to become the person you want to be…and the longer you will keep your dreams from becoming your reality.

As someone who has done and continues to do research on this stuff nearly every day, I will tell you that it has worked and continues to work.  Whether I have done it unconsciously or with purpose, it has worked 100% of the time!  I do get more positive results when I do it with purpose.  The words I AM spoken together is a statement of creation.

Some Hidden Truths

These words spoken true and with emotion will grant you access to your subconscious mind.  This area of the mind is where all programs and behavior patterns are stored.  We run on these programmed behavior patterns until we change the programmed way of thinking.  Be aware that others can change these programs too, if we allow enough of it into the subconscious.

Once you figure out that you are the creator of your own life, you will unlock the door to the immense power and freedom that we all have and are free to use.   Most of us limit our access to such powers and freedoms by our own will without our knowing.  Limiting beliefs and our own stubbornness have kept us from our full potential.  We are told that believing in something is good.  I’m not saying it’s bad, but know that the universe is vast and so are possibilities.  Closing off your mind could turn it into your own personal prison.

Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life

It’s all a matter of perspective.  If you see yourself from only a flesh and bone perspective, you may feel the lack of freedom and power to make the necessary changes to improve your life.  Dwelling in negative energy will draw more of it to you like a magnet…that furthers the feeling of inability and lack.  That negative energy will guide your thoughts and emotions into a different direction that what you would like to experience.

The moment you change your perspective to that of the spirit, the driver of the fleshy body, you will feel a different way about yourself.  Your body becomes a human vehicle, your mind becomes a navigation system and you become all powerful and free to become whatever you want through creation.  You become the creator!

Be careful and aware of what you think and say about yourself.  Anything you place after the words “I AM” can become your future life experiences if enough belief and emotions support those thoughts and spoken words.

10 Very Powerful I AM Affirmations

I am the artist, and my thoughts are my paintbrush.

I am one with the creator of everything in the universe.

I create my experiences using the law of attraction.

I am my highest self and one with source energy.

I am whatever I want to become.

I am as bright as the stars in the night sky.

I am the source of the light like the sun.

I am free like the wind, and as powerful as its fury.

I am the love, the peace and the joy that I feel deep from within.

I am the writer of my own script.