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Life Coaching is What I Do

I have done some amazing things in my lifetime…so far.  I am pleased with most of them.  Like everyone else, I am not proud of every moment of my life.  I have done some things that were pretty stupid, but acts of stupidity doesn’t define one as being stupid.  Mistakes are the building blocks of success.  It has been said that to lose is to know how to win.  Losing isn’t failure unless you quit.  In fact, the only way to really fail is to quit.  As long as I remained focused on my goals, I exceeded every one of them…every time.

Love What You Do and You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life

It took me years to find this winning spirit that has guided me to the mountain top views.  I have also spent my fair-share of time in hell too. But as I found to be true, hell is only indefinite, and not infinite.  Sharing what I know is where I find my greatest reward.  It is very important to remember to love what you do.  Helping others find their passions has become my passion.  I truly love doing this.  For me, it isn’t about the money as much as it is about doing what I love to do.  Life coaching is my passion, and you will feel it early on.

Good Help is Hard to Find

gold brickI have amassed a world of knowledge, and when that is applied, it will open the doors to success.

These skills are like bricks of gold…very valuable.  Good help is always hard to find.  Like gold bricks, people have value and I am one to recognize that immediately.  I know my own potential, and I help others find theirs.  It’s amazing when we find that our limitations are mostly in our own minds.  It isn’t until that door is kicked wide open, that we discover the ability to turn everything we touch into gold.

I will help you overcome that door.

We all have incredible powers hidden deep within us.  Most of us know this, but only a small fraction tap into that power.  Those that don’t know this have a common problem that can be fixed with reprogramming.  Those that choose not to tap into that power have a bigger problem with fear.

Overcome Fear and You Will Know Freedom

We live in a fear based society.  Everything we think and do is motivated by fear.  Think about that for a minute… we even glorify it.  Overcoming fear is the first step toward freedom.  Fear is the road block to our full potential and most of us don’t know this.  What’s even worse is that the many of us that do know this won’t admit to it, because that would require us to face our fears head-on.

Fear is the poison that keeps us in our shell.  Fear is also the root cause of everything that plagues our world today.  Overcoming fear has too many benefits to list here.   This is the second door that needs to stay open for us to reach our full potential.  I will also help you address and overcome your fears.

The Open Mind; Treasure House of Life

open mindThe first door that needs to stay open is this one.  Without an open mind, nothing is possible past one’s own beliefs.  Those that are stubborn will struggle unnecessarily trying to adapt to change.  Some may even battle themselves into failure.  Only those that recognize their beliefs are nothing more than a liability will gain access to their full potential.  Take it at your own pace, but know that half-measures only yield a fraction of life’s possibilities.

This is the only door I cannot help you with, because the doors to the mind are well hidden within its walls.  It takes tremendous desire and even more courage to tear down the walls of the mind.  The mind is where everything begins and ends.  I can provide you with everything you will need to deconstruct the walls, but to level the walls is a very personal life decision.  I will say this: You won’t regret doing it.

Life Coaching / Observation Specialist

I see the potential in everyone I meet.  I don’t judge, but only observe and report back.  It is up to the individual to judge himself/ herself.  Judgement only has one purpose, and that is to make corrections.  Since we can only edit our own actions, judgement of others is wasted effort and resource.

Too often, our friends and family tell us what we want to hear.  Their intent may be genuine, but saving our feelings isn’t going to improve the quality of our life if the truth is hidden.  Many times, it’s the friend that isn’t afraid to hurt our feelings that will step in and save us from our self.  But, it’s the duty of the life coach to look past your feelings and and do the job he is hired to do.

You may not like everything I will put in front of you, but believe me when I say my priority will always be to move you forward closer to achieving your goals.