Keys to More Money

moneyMoney makes everything happen.  Everyone would like to have more money.  In fact, that is why most of us get up to go to work in the morning.  We don’t just rise up early out of our warm comfortable beds and sit in traffic for an hour,  then spend eight to ten hours away from our families because we enjoy the punishment?  If this sounds familiar, then there are a few things you should know about money.

Chasing Money 

Chasing money is like a dog chasing it’s own tail.  Sure, the dog may get a taste of it now and then, but a taste of the tail is all it is.  The effort required to just get a taste of it’s own tail…is it worth that much effort?

To put it another way, that wasted energy can be used more efficiently to bring a much better reward.  Albeit, chasing money may seem to bring one closer to having more money, but that is only illusion.  In fact,  the action of desperate chasing actually pushes it further away.

Keys to Making More Money

There is a difference between wishing for more money and choosing to have more money.  Thinkingabout it is the first step toward making anything become real.  The actions that follow are the next steps that many don’t execute well.  Making more money requires one to go above and beyond where others aren’t willing to go.  That isn’t really hard, because most don’t even do the bare requirements.  Placing yourself in that group will not result in making more money.  If you really desire more, than you have to be prepared to do more.

The following are keys you will need to open the doors to more money.

  • Dependability  

    This is very important.  If you were your boss, who would be more valuable to you, the guy that shows up every day on time and is willing to learn and grow… or the guy that is burned out and shows up whenever he wants, calls in sick every Monday or Friday and has an excuse for every time he has let you down? 

  • Positive Attitude

    Attitude determines 90% of your life experiences.  You have full control of this most valuable variable that can change your overall experience in an instant.  A positive attitude make you a pleasant person to be around.  The day goes easier working along side positive people.  Most importantly, Knowing how to maintain a positive atmosphere is a skill that managers need to learn.  So, if you already have this most valuable skill, you are well on your way to a higher paid position (given that you are also dependable).

  • Knowledgeable 

    Having all the answers or just saying yes to everything doesn’t make one knowledgeable.  But, knowing how to research and getting the answers does.  There is a difference between being a know-it-all and someone who is resourceful.  Making the effort to get things done right the first time is another remarkable quality that stands out.  This also requires one to be eager to learn, so if the boss has a better idea, take detailed notes.

  • Organization and Safety

    Without order there is only chaos.  In a fast paced workplace it is imperative that somebody is organized.  Safety is a major concern in all industries.  Nobody wants an accident in the work place.  If you are the lowest person on the crew, look to see if there is something that needs better organization, or do your part to make sure proper order and safety policies are followed.

  • Time is Money

    Wasting time is not a good way to show yourself as a valuable commodity in any line of work.  choosing to have more money, you have to think like a boss.  Would it make you happy to have employees that cost you time and lessen your profit margins, or would you be happier with more profits and less waste?  Every time your girlfriend calls you at work to see when you are coming home, or to ask you about that text she saw on your phone the other night…she is costing YOU more money.  Turn off the phone and value your job…if you do.  Failure to understand this simple concept that time is money has cost many employees higher paying positions.  The saddest thing is that it continues to.

These are a few things that will set you apart from the rest.  Ego is useful if you want to set yourself out from others.  This is a great place to let your ego play.  Keep in mind you still need to keep your ego in check.  But if you know where the line is between confidence and arrogance is, and never cross that line, you will do well.  Using the ego requires knowing of its existence, being aware of its presence and balancing it with humility and kindness.

Financial Freedom

financial freedomIn conclusion, those who are looking for financial freedom aren’t going to find it making more money.  In fact, more money can sometimes lead to more headaches and stress.  Financial freedom only comes when one is free of money.  Money is only a tool, an exchange of energy…that’s it.  Giving it more power than that only leads to the dog and it’s own tail.  Love what you do.  Money will find its way to you when you follow your heart to your dreams.  Using the tools listed above will help you become more valuable at your job and make more money, but people don’t get rich working a job.  People make fortunes when they maximize their earning potential in all areas of their lives… but that is another article!