Show Me the Money!

In the past few weeks, my day to day activities have brought my attention to the subject of money.  I have to admit, I have found myself on the merry-go-round of chasing the money in the past, but I always seemed to be one of the lucky ones (or so I thought) when it came to money because it more often found its way into my hands.

I used to think that my work deserved more than what I was being paid and anytime a chance came up to make a little more somewhere else, I was first in that line.  I have always worked hard and long hours, that part I had no problem with.  It was the time table of payoff that was my complaint.  How long does a man have to give everything he has to get one step ahead of his monthly expenses?

This is a common thought among many people I talk to.  Times are tough, but life was never easy to begin with (unless you are one of very few who had everything handed to you on a platter).  Most of us work hard for a living, and if we have a few extra bucks for a simple guilty pleasure, we are truly blessed.

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities to make a comfortable living, but it was always hit or miss… at least until the day I stopped chasing money.

Chasing Money

This silly behavior is one we all do, because money is what makes things happen.  The world revolves around paper and ink!  Most of us don’t think much beyond anything else probably because it does buy comfort and can improve the quality of life.  Unfortunately, this obsession can also reduce the quality of life in ways we don’t even think of.  Chasing money is like a dog that chases its tail.  It may eventually get a mouthful here or there, but what more than a taste of its own tail does it gain?

Money is the End Result

Money isn’t a treat or reward; it is only a tool. Money is the exchange of energy.  It is the end result of doing something productive.  The amount of money depends on the individual and the amount of effort one is willing to put forth to do a better job than someone else that also does the same thing.  So, looking at this perspective, it would become clear that value has something to do with the amount of money one will earn.  Value is subjective.

Everyone is bias when left to grade their own paper, however when someone else is in charge to do the grading the results may not be the same.  Something that carries value in the eyes of every buyer in our world is greatness.  When something is the best of its kind, it becomes desirable and people want it.  Most who can afford it will pay what it costs to have it, and those who can’t will pay what they can to get it and do what they can to keep it.  Being great means no holding back.

If you are one who will only put out your best when or if you are paid what you believe you are worth, you are the dog that is chasing its tail.  You may score a taste of success here and there, but that will be it.  If you truly want to experience a life of financial freedom, it’s not money you should be focused on, but the freedom from it.