motivational speaker

Personal Growth

Self-improvement begins with the ability to move past your ego.  This sounds like something negative… but you literally need to be able to see past your own perspectives, and use the perspective of others to make the changes needed for improvement.  If you think about this for a moment it makes perfect sense.  If you only use your own limited perspectives, how are you going to break past those barriers?  Also, improvement requires the need for change.  If you don’t see your problems as being problems, what is the incentive to seek solutions?

Eyes Wide Shut

It’s very easy to look past the obvious signs of doom lingering in the horizon.  But that isn’t going to make it magically go away.  Many of us avoid change because it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Let’s face it, change is difficult for some.  But change is also the only constant in life that we can depend on.  Everything will eventually change.  If you like things how and right where they are, you’re in for a surprise.  You are either going to evolve or devolve…it’s your choice.  This is because you are dealing with a law of nature.  Turning a blind eye has never worked to anyone’s benefit…ever!   

Keep Your Mind Wide Open

Open-mindedness is the key to forward movement and enlightenment.  Now some may be perfectly fine living in their own pain and suffering.  There are truly people who look for unnecessary drama to put excitement into their lives.  The mere thought of change will set them off like TNT.  The rest of us who are seeking happiness and fulfillment will need to take another path in life.  Keeping an open mind will open doors not visible beyond the walls we construct from within.  Self-improvement cannot happen if we imprison ourselves from within.  We must break the chains that bind us from that limited belief system if we are to grow.

My Experience

As I continue to write, I have noticed vast improvement in the flow and readability of my work.  This is because I have taken the advice of other writers and editors to heart.  I will critique my own work and allow others to do the same.  I look for mistake patterns that I can work to improve.  Doing this has really helped make me a much stronger writer.

Now, I’m working on my speaking.  I do this a lot without a second thought.  But if I’m going to become a well versed and powerful speaker, there is so much work that lies ahead of me!  When I was playing music, I would use video as a tool to tighten up my performance on a live stage.  I would watch in detail my movements across the stage and my interactions with my audience and other band mates.  This made me a better performer and a professional.  I can do the same with my speaking career.

“This made me a better performer and a professional.”

In the studio, I notice it takes me several tries to get a video clip I can use.  After a while, I can get what I need in just a few takes, or I will crush it in the first take.  Live situations are a different situation all together.  I notice I say Uh… a lot.  Much more than I’m comfortable with, but with enough focus and determination to correct it, eventually my speaking skills will improve too. 

There are also courses and coaching available to me as well.  Being a life and business coach requires for me to stay on top of my game.  If my clients are going to find value in my work, I owe it to them too.  But I owe it to myself first!