Why We Are Here

Why are we here? When I think of my purpose of life here on this plane of reality, I have often found myself drawing blanks and stuck in empty thoughts.  It could be anything I have experienced in the past that made me feel good about myself.  Because, good feelings give off good vibrations, and that is a sign from a very deep level that I’m doing something right.  The first thing I have to remember is that: I’m more than just this physical body.  The more I place myself outside of my mind, the cleaner picture I’m able to see.  This is my understanding so far about what being human is and how I can use this knowledge to improve the quality of my life.

The Human Experience

By now, if you can read this article and relate to it, you can already sense that there is something much deeper than what you can see (with the eyes inside your skull).  You probably have figured out, or know by now that there is a presence much more powerful than the physical body. This is the part that calls all of the shots that make the body animate and move toward your thoughts.  This is your mind, not your brain, but your mind.  The brain is flesh and also part of the physical body.  The mind, however, is nonphysical energy, and uses the brain as its hardware.

The Mind

Similarly, like a super-computer, the mind functions as the virtual hard drive and stores all of the software, also known as “programs.” These programs come from all sources that we use to feed them in with.  Most commonly, a tool known as the “television” has been used and widely accepted to inject thoughts into the minds of people.  These people love and trust this method of mind manipulation so much that they will pay to own one, and fight each other savagely over them on certain days of the year.

The mind is a very powerful source of life mastery, but when it’s sedated and conditioned, it’s very easily led to believe any form of nonsense.  This results in loss of logistical thinking, emotional outbursts when faced with facts, and other silly behavioral quirks.  When the mind becomes hijacked by the ego, everything looks very different and falsehoods seem like truth.

The Ego

This is just another tool that one must learn to identify and use properly.  This tool also has a double-sided blade that can cut both ways.  People get offended when they are accused of using this tool.  Most people don’t really understand what it is, but believe it to be something bad.  Ego is only a tool used to separate our core energy from the source in order to experience life as an individual in this human existence.  Most people use this as an auto-pilot feature of the mind, and cruise through life in a spiritual coma.

The Spirit

 The spirit is also nonphysical energy, but unlike the mind, It’s the real you.  It’s the core of your being.  The driver of this human flesh vehicle.  The mind will battle the spirit for control, and will always win.  Due to the fact that, the spirit requires your free will in order to do its job, the spirit doesn’t play tug-o-war.  It will freely let go, until the (ego) mind is done playing, and the desire is strong to succeed at whatever it’s playing with.  Make no mistake, it’s always the spirit that has led you into every single victory you have ever experienced.  Why do you think you feel so good when you win?

So, Why Are We Here?

We are spirit beings in this human experience.

Looking at all of this data, it only makes sense to me, that we are meant to use these tools to discover ourselves as individuals.  And to use our judgments inward to make the adjustments necessary to improve the quality of our lives.  When we discover how much power we have as spirit beings, fear becomes obsolete.  Fear is what controls everything and everyone.  Once we become free from fear, we step into the powerful magnificent beings that we are, from the core outward! Why are we here? we are here to evolve, to grow to realize what we are as the most powerful energy in the universe. We are here to use that powerful energy and become the magnificence that we are as spirits within these human bodies.                    

I refuse to believe that we are anything less than perfect as a spirit.  I also refuse to accept that we are any less magnificent than the source that created us as a mirror image of itself.  The conditioning process has turned even the very best of us into mindless human livestock.  After grazing away in the killing fields of the mind for the majority of my life, I am awake now. 

The Mission

My mission is to continue to enlighten any fellow spirit that seeks the path to the light.  Many like me have walked this path and were silenced, but still managed to find the light within themselves and for others.  We are all spirit beings.  The truth is all around us, but only if we know what we are looking for.  In this era of free information, the highest levels of freedom are available to all. Nonphysical energy is the place to be, to experience that freedom.  It’s all a matter of perspective.