The Seven Step Process to a New Improved You

There is a seven-step process that will transform the you that you are today into the you that you were destined to become.  If you are reading this article, you have already made a leap forward toward your new life.  Most people go through life in complete spiritual unconsciousness.  Just to be clear, going to Church every week doesn’t make one spiritual.  In fact, it actually distances one from spirit even further. 

To be in touch with the spirit, one must know the nature of the spirit. You can read about it, you can recite words from a holy book and say you understand it, but there is no substitute for truly being in touch with the spirit within you.

A Path Toward Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t for everyone. Some follow a path that allows contrast for others to see their own light. We don’t know what their purpose is, and maybe it is only for you to find yours. The fact that you are here looking for a way towards self-improvement, is a reason for gratitude. Actually, you can only change the things you dislike about yourself. In other words, Judgement works best when pointed inwards. Knowing this and accepting it is the first step of the process.

The Seven Steps

Identify Your Shortcomings and Make a Decision to Change.

We must understand that change will occur with or without approval. As a matter of fact, change is the only constant in life. The fact that we can choose which way we want to change is good news! On the other hand, we can just go where the flow of life will take us and deal with the consequences later. However, if you want a better quality of life for yourself, you must be brave and dig into the deepest part of your being and see what doesn’t fit. Then, decide to make the changes necessary to become that highest version of you.

Take Action

A decision by itself isn’t going to produce the results without action. Also, the action has to best support the idea of the change you want to see.
For instance, if your dream is to become a police officer, committing crimes isn’t the best path to that goal.

Find a Coach or Mentor

There are millions of people we can look to for guidance. Given that, our parents did the best they could with what they had, it’s our job now to find what we need elsewhere. With this in mind, looking for someone who has what we want in character will give us someone we can look to for inspiration and guidance in times of weakness.

Coaches aren’t critics, counselors or social workers. The goal for any life coach is for their clients to be:

  • Completely aware of where they are in life.
  • Who it is that they are being for other people.
  • Who it is that they are willing to work for to becoming.

Make a Commitment to Something

Without a solid commitment, nothing will stick. Your solid commitment is the glue that holds any real positive change you will make in your life. In other words, unless you are willing to follow it through to the very end, don’t start. Making improvements to your life is a scientific process that involves a reprogramming of the mind. When you flip flop back and forth, the process becomes contaminated with mixed information, and never installs correctly. So, this is why commitment is so important.

Take a Personal Inventory

Every retail business has to take a daily, monthly or quarterly inventory, in order to get a scope of what is selling and what is not. Subsequently, the inventory also helps them see what they need more of moving forward. A personal inventory will give you the same data. With this information, you can see clearly what is working for you, and what isn’t. Making choices with this kind of information will place you in a position of power. That being the case, You should never be ashamed or afraid to do this. Even if there are things you aren’t proud of that may pop up, this is a very necessary step and crucial to your success in life.

Lose the Baggage

This is possibly the best part of the entire process, and therefore making the personal inventory the key element that it is. We walk around most of our lives carrying the burdens that others put on us. Most of our guilt, shame and remorse belong to someone else. Even though some of it is ours, the great majority isn’t. Be that as it may, we still carry this garbage and hold on to it like it has value. Since no one else has the power or permission to rid us from our wealth of unnecessary baggage, it’s left to our own doing. So, lighten your load and move on. Also, make room for things that will serve you better.

Give Something Back

When I started on my journey towards enlightenment, all I had to share with the world was my pain. Today, I have inspiration, experience and hope. The world needs more super heroes. To put it briefly, not all super heroes wear fancy costumes or capes. Most of them walk among us in ordinary clothes. What makes them extraordinary is the human beings they have chosen to become. We all have the ability to become the highest version of ourselves…but only a few will do whatever is necessary to follow these seven simple steps to become it.