Gratitude is the Winner’s Attitude

Gratitude is the best way to vibrate positive energy…and that is powerful.  I sometimes find myself sucked into the vortex of negative energy.  People create a negative energy vacuum without even knowing it.  I had a friend actually tell me “I’m not a negative person.”  I had to remind him that people aren’t positive or negative, they are power plants and can choose to produce positive or negative energy.  It is always a choice.

Understanding the Law of Attraction, we know that positive energy will produce and attract more positive energy.  Also, negative energy will produce and attract more of the same.  If you don’t know of this law, you will need to familiarize yourself to it if you want to make conscious choices that will bring you to things you want to experience.  This law is very real and works like physics, gravity and electricity.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it is science.

A good start to all of this is reading my book Higher Powered: A Powerful Book to Finding Happiness.  I have laid the ground work to understanding the laws of nature.  Once you have done that, there is a wealth of information online for you to discover and test (like I have done).

Clearing your Head

Setting aside quiet time is a great start to clear the head and silence the mind.  Mine works overtime (mostly into the night).  My mind never shuts up or off, unless I force it off.  I have found meditation a powerful tool, but sometimes it takes more prep time prior to meditation for even that to work.  During meditation, ask your questions.  How do I…? Where can I find…? What is the best way to…?  When your head is clear the answers will come.  You are summoning your highest self during this quiet time.  Your highest self has the answers to all of your questions.  For me, this is when I am in the highest vibration, and the level of excitement and enthusiasm are at their peak!  Once my mind is cleared of all thoughts, I reset it with thoughts of gratitude and begin with my questions.  Try it and you will see what I mean.

Gratitude: Appreciate What You Have Today

Gratitude requires maintenance.  Keeping a journal is a good way to keep track of day’s details that pass and become forgotten.  Writing down a list of things to be grateful for is also another way to keep track of how good you have it.  If you are reading this blog, you have a computer, tablet or phone…with internet.  The majority of the world’s population don’t.  Most of them don’t have clean water to drink, food, a roof over their head, clean cloths to wear… Let that sink in for a minute.  Most of the world’s people are living in conditions less than your pet.  The next time you think you have it bad, think of the kids who lost their families and homes as a result of war, famine and disease.  We have it made.  Our problems are not even close to theirs…be grateful for that.

The Boomerang Effect

When you find yourself complaining about something today, stop.  ask yourself: why am I complaining?  What can I do to correct the situation, then do that.  Ask yourself What part of this is outside of my control?  Then stop focusing on that.  Your focus on those things outside of your control will ultimately bring you more of that same energy that makes you feel helpless.  The universe has a way of doing things that you better learn or you will continue to suffer.  Not knowing doesn’t excuse you from being the fool.  At some point you need to figure out the rules of life if you want to win.  Sending out positive waves of energy brings back the same, and so does sending out negative energy.  Gratitude will turn negative energy into positive.  The waves come back like a boomerang.  Learn to harness the power you have and your life will change as mine has.  You have more power than you will ever know!