Writing a Personal Biography for Your Business

Writing a brief but very interesting personal biography is very important, if a human connection is your goal.  People like stories, especially personal experiences that inspire them.  Technology has opened the door to many opportunities that are being ignored by those who offer digital marketing services.  This is very unfortunate because without the human element, you will look like a number to your perspective customer.  If you look more knowledgeable, more friendly, and show that you care about the needs of your customers, you will appear as more appealing and more valuable to the buyer you are trying to woo.  Value is always overlooked by those who practice price matching.  If you establish your value up front, the customer will almost always look beyond your price.  Here is where your value sets you apart from the numbers your competitors are being judged by. 

Where Do I Start?

Great question.  First, you must know that to attract the customers you want, you need to ask the right questions.  Those have to be the questions your customers are seeking answers to by visiting your website.  The more information that answers the hard questions, the better your chances are that you will become their top choice (without a doubt).  The big question is WHY do I want to do business with you?  Your bio should answer that very effectively.

People don’t like being sold, but they will almost go out of their way doing business with other people they like.  You aren’t going to achieve this with technology alone.  To like another human, we have to know more about them.  What are their core beliefs?  What makes them different from everyone else who does the same thing.  People have said to me, that they have had several others seeking their business that “do exactly what I do.” Then they visit my website, and their tone changes completely.  Once they enter my domain, they quickly realize that I’m NOT like the rest.  Most people they thought were exactly like me aren’t anything like me at all!  In fact, the amount of detail I have put into them before even making that first contact was more than the services they are paying for currently.  Now I have their attention. 

Do I Really Need a Personal Biography?

Yes. My biography is very detailed and allows the site visitor to feel very comfortable to make the decision to hire.  Every strong business has to have powerful players in key positions.  Relying on warm bodies is a recipe for disaster and a lifetime of heartache and unnecessary stress.  Industry leaders look for the best talent to staff their businesses.  Your personal bio should outline your most proud moments.  Your best customers will be looking for things outside of the box.  The personal biography tells the prospect who you are as a human, and if you are likable or not.  This will also help with the way people read and process your reviews.  When everything they view lines up, you appear to them as being more valuable.

What Do I Need to Cover in My Bio?

Think of it this way, what would you like to know about a new friend?  You are trying to establish a new relationship.  Business relations are still relationships that must be acknowledged and treated as such.  You would obviously want to know about your new friend’s character.  Do they have integrity or not?  What do they enjoy?  Are they into sports? What music do they enjoy?  Can they play an instrument, or have they always wanted to?  What foods are their favorite? These are things we can all have in common.  Do they have any pets?  People who adore animals are usually kind at heart.  It’s in their nature to nurture.  One simple rule…leave out your religious and political beliefs.

Politics and religion divide people.  The goal is to connect not divide.  Keep your content focused on making a human connection.  Remember, you want to be likable.  Building trust takes time, but all you will need is only 1%.  That is doable.

The Must Haves

  • Your full name – Self-explanatory.
  • Your brand – What’s the name of your company?
  • Your role – What do you do?
  • Your Mission – Identify your professional and personal philosophy.  What can they expect from you?
  • List three accomplishments – Choose the top two or three large milestones from your career. 
  • Get Personal – as mentioned above.  Examples of personal details you might include are:
    • HobbiesFavorite TV shows, movies, or books
    • Information about family life
    • Funny details about habits or interests
    • Unique personal history

Have fun with it and write it proud and with a smile.  The deeper you go into yourself; the more comfortable people will be to trust you.  Remember all you need is 1%, but you may end up with more to start.  People like to laugh so don’t be afraid to throw a curve ball.