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About Shahryar Sadree

Life and business strategist, Shahryar Sadree, is serial entrepreneur with over three decades of experience running his own businesses. For the last ten years, Sadree has been working with multi-million dollar-a-year companies as a consultant.
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Some Words from Shahryar Sadree Himself

"Growing up, I really didn't know what I wanted to be as an adult. I knew I was going to be successful at whatever it was, but I didn't have any idea what that was. Years later, I started to follow inspirational speakers and coaches like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor. These guys helped shape my thinking to what it is today. I have accomplished so many amazing things as a working artist, and a successful entrepreneur. Today, my purpose in life is very well defined. Every great team has a great coach. Let me be that for you."
Live Interview with Shahryar Sadree on the Peter G Show

New Book Coming: Down in a Hole

New book by Shahryar Sadree

Thinking is a skill that isn’t taught in any school. We are often told what to think, but never how. Most people don’t know the difference between the brain and the mind. Because of this little misunderstanding, finding yourself Down in a Hole is a common point of view for a lot of people. The mind is the operating system that controls every aspect of human life. Master this remarkable software and you will master every area of your life all at once! This book contains powerful information that will change your perspective and life experience. If you are tired of the view and want a better one, this easy-to-read book could be the life-hack you’ve been looking for!


No, it’s not that hard to understand or manage, but there are things that can make it easier and more profitable for you, the owner. Strategic improvements will make your business run more efficient and your workers will love their jobs more when their lives become less complicated. Using the technology available to enhance the human experience is far better than using technology to replace the human element. Do you want to improve your business?

Knowing who to trust is difficult when everyone calling you is making the same promises. Appearing at the top of Google’s search results is a bold statement. Depending where on the search you appear, and how frequently you show in front of someone who is looking to hire or buy makes all the difference. Also, how you look to that potential buyer (at that moment) has a lot to do with their decision buy.

What Makes Me Different Than the Rest?

I don’t have call rooms, a sales team or even hundreds of employees. I work one-on-one with you and your team. I have my own resources as well, but we all work independently with one goal in mind always…your success! Because, when you win, so do we! So, to answer the question…What makes me different than the rest? MINDSET.


Hiring a business coach will prove to be the best decision you will make this year. It’s hard to see the whole picture when you are standing in the middle of it. Below are videos of a few of Shaun’s past and current clients. Listen to what they have to say.

Here is a business client dating back to 2002, and still going…

Below is a video of the results we were getting from my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team!

Here is a video showing the SEO results from the very beginning of my career in digital marketing.

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