Shahryar “Shaun” Sadree is a self-educated serial entrepreneur with many years of knowledge and experience. His areas of strength in business are: Leadership/ Management, Customer Service/ Client Relations, along with Branding, Marketing, and Advertising.

shahryar sadree

Shahryar is a 7th generation Royal, related to Constantine I, the King of Georgia. He is one of many talented and driven men in his family, to include Mohammad-Taghi Bahar, later known as Malck o-sho’ ara Bahar, and Haj Sheikh Ahmad Bahar, both who are noted Persian writers, poets, and politicians.

Sadree is man of vision, and his attention to detail is bar-none. His creative talents range from music to graphic arts, and anything in between. Sadree is also a published author. Two of his books are available on Amazon, with another in production, and two more he is currently in process of writing. Writing skills are essential when it comes to content management, and so are the many talents and skills mentioned above.

Shahryar, or Shaun as friends call him, is a Florida transplant. Moving to Florida in 1986 with his family, he decided to stay. Shaun started his entrepreneurial career in his late teens, but also held several jobs along the way. His journey included everything from the restaurant industry to insurance adjuster, and now, real estate agent with a broker license.

Shaun has always had a passion for music. Ironically, it was this part of his life that made him so good at branding and marketing. Shaun’s artistic abilities were enough to impress, and get the attention of music industry executives from New York to Hollywood. In 2010 Shaun’s work (as a landscape rock artist) began to appear in coffee table books around the world, as the result of his marketing skills. Websites are also nothing new to Shaun. His experience dates back to before the internet! If you want to read more, click here. To learn more about his process, go here and Shahryar will explain it in his words.

Business Development is a team effort, and every great team has a great coach. Let me be that for you.”