Change Is Your Friend

Often, I have to take a step back, to get a bigger image of what’s going on around me.  Life moves fast, and I know how hard it is to just stop everything.  But, if I don’t stop and take a look around me once in a while, the chances are very good I will have misses something that would have advanced me much farther by now.  Everything is in a constant state of change…everything!  For those of us who aren’t comfy with that…you are losing more than you know.  If we don’t change, we are moving backwards.  We will never get to live our dreams or just find solutions to our problems.  Change is the force of nature that you can’t push away.  Those that overcome the hardships of life, know how to use change and steer themselves into better and better positioning.

Changes In Your Business

Every business has a turbulent beginning, and some even experience turbulence here and there, but if this becomes the “way it is” …resistance to change is your culprit.  Business is mastery of logic and numbers.  There isn’t room for your personal feelings, beliefs or opinions.  If you don’t understand the numbers, having someone very close to you that does, is a very good idea and recommended.  The numbers tell the story exactly as it unfolded.  Then you can cross reference that data with other sources and go from there.

The main reason that businesses fail is due to not enough effort put into navigation and planning.  Navigation is very important because, without knowing where you are going, you are lost.  There are many others like you, doing exactly the same thing you are, and for the same prize.  If your strategy is superior, you will most likely win more.  Planning is also important, because if your team doesn’t know what you are thinking, they are lost.  And, when your people are lost, your business goes down eventually.  A catastrophic chain reaction begins and stopping it will become very necessary and costly until recovery becomes possible or complete failure.       

A Personal Story

I have enjoyed model building since I was a child.  Model cars were my favorite before I got into planes and star ships and eventually other intricate kits.  I have always used enamel-based paints, which are oil based.  The clean up requires a lot of time and resources.  Also, if an error occurs and paint goes where it shouldn’t, the model could get ruined, or the recovery could get expensive.  I still like to build them to this day, and to this day, I still use the same paints I’ve been buying since I was a kid…the same oil-based enamels. 

The other day, I was in a store picking up a few colors I needed to complete a kit I had started.  This guy, also looking at paints turns to me and askes “Why aren’t you using acrylics?” I responded “Excuse me?” He said “Acrylic paints are so much easier to clean up, just use soap and water.”  I guess he was looking at the large container of paint thinner I was holding in my hand.  That conversation got me to thinking…

Okay, acrylic paints are pricier to buy than the enamels, but the clean up only requires soap and water.  That would eliminate the need for cleaners, expand the life of my tools like brushes and gloves, and my work station would always look nice. 

As much as I have resisted to change the way I hobby, it became clear that I had been wasting more than just my money…my time was also being wasted.

Embrace Change

Change is not your enemy.  In fact, change is very much your best friend.  Everything has a value if you know what you are looking for.  You can always improve your business by making a few adjustments where it’s needed the most.  Lack of awareness or inaction from you as the leader, will result in a loss in profit or in some severe cases, bankruptcy.  Take a minute to get a better look at the whole picture.  A business coach can help you with this.  Sometimes a second or third set of eyes can become useful.  If you want to work with me to bring needed change to your business, contact me today and let’s talk. Or book time with me and let’s begin your journey toward untapped resources!