Managing Depression

Managing depression requires understanding a few things. I’m not a doctor, so please don’t take this as medical advice. I’m only speaking from my own experience as someone who has dealt with depression. As many who have experienced it know, depression can step in and take over in an instant. Sometimes, if you are aware of its patterns, it only takes a few moments to recognize it. Most often it will sweep your feet from under you and take you for a ride. Managing depression with medication often leads to even more depression, and in some cases, thoughts of suicide. To me, the possibility of suicidal thoughts as a result of a remedy, defeats the purpose of THAT option completely. But as I mentioned I’m not a doctor…maybe I’m missing something?

Identify the Bully

For me, depression is like the bully in the playground I had to school every time he made his move on me. It starts off as a battle, then one of us walks away with a black eye. Medication isn’t an option for me. I use meditation instead. Meditation in the morning is the best practice I have found that helps keep me focused and centered. My life is full of activity, and in that fast-paced environment depression can, and usually does overwhelm. Being aware of it helps, but depression can disable even the toughest among us. Humans have a soft spot called emotions. This vulnerability is what the human experience is all about. However, not many of us pay much attention to how things work around us or in the background. Here is where we get lost.

Understanding Through a Better Perspective

One thing I had to learn early on was that I can only edit my own thoughts, speech, and actions. If I felt good about them, then there was no need for any corrections. However, If I justified my errors in judgement, then there was also no need for any corrections. I ended up repeating the error as many times necessary to change my idea about my errors. Depression blurs the line between emotion and logic. Only one can prevail, as emotion and logic are two sides of the same coin. Understanding this simple detail will bring one back towards logic, and logic is what gives one a better perspective.

A Different Perspective

2020 was traumatic for everyone around the world. Historically, we’ve never experienced an event like the one that began to unfold then, and continues to unfold. Now, we are seeing the possibility of our entire understanding of the world just fall apart! These things do affect us psychologically. Depression will use any opportunity to get into my head, but I can only manage it if I’m aware of its presence.

Everybody has their own path in life. When it comes to life, there simply are no rules. But, if you want to win, there are rules to that. Winning involves victory…and victory requires either luck, or strategy. Luck isn’t something you control, but strategy is. Also, having the tools to plow through depression is very helpful. I found these tools very helpful when overcoming my depression. Understanding how these tools work will give you better footing and lighten the burden on your mental state too. These videos offer some insight.