Digital Marketing would imply that your very best is tailored for display online. That’s not what really happens though. Most digital marketing companies only provide advertising. It’s no wonder why so many people don’t know the difference between marketing and advertising. If the people in the industry don’t know the correct terminology, how could they possibly deliver quality results? This is something I ask on every call I get from a digital marketing company, who calls me posing as Google...yes, I get those robo-calls too.

First, you should really know…

It’s not Google that is calling you about your “Google Listing.” Those computer-generated calls are from various digital marketing firms who chose to use deceptive practices and rely solely on technology and nothing else. The method is called “Turn and Burn.” It works for them, but not for their poor unsuspecting subscribers.

There Are Reasons…

I don’t blame them for their methods to put food on their tables. However, if you don’t want them to gain at your expense, then you really must make some time to learn the rules of their game. It’s not in their business model to give you industry secrets. This is rule one in nearly all industries. To possess such knowledge would render a digital marketing firm obsolete. Also, your advertising budgets will shrink over time, as your web program picks up strength and momentum. This wouldn’t be beneficial for them…but only for you.

So What Is Marketing?

Marketing is how you look when people find your business. Ask yourself:

  • Are you responsive to reviews?
  • If you are, what kind of tone are you using in your responses?
  • Are you dismissive, and do you make excuses for things people are bringing to your attention?

Or…are you very responsive? Do you seem like someone worthy of earning trust? All of these questions tell your potential customer/ client or prospective new employee what they can expect from you and your company. Because the integrity of any small business is only as strong as the reputation of its owner.

Be Prepared Before You Go Advertising

 So many people waste so much money throwing out ads when they clearly aren’t ready. What’s even more astonishing is that some don’t want to be bothered when they are presented with the problem and a solution to fix it! Most people I talk to want to do something about it, but are so busy, they think they will be fine leaving things the way they are.

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But I Don’t Advertise…

Even if you don’t advertise, isn’t your brand image or identity important to you as the business owner? What kind of message are you sending to those seeking you? Sure…your phone is always ringing, and you have plenty of work right now, but what about help? Doesn’t your business need quality workers? They see this too.

Something Else That Should Concern You

stronger businesses from other markets can pull your potential customers and/ or employees out of your area and into their doors. If you are stronger you can do the same. That’s right, people have choices. The best customers will travel to get the very best for themselves. The best workers also know they have a choice where they want to work too. Great workers are high in demand and they know it.

Know What You Are Paying For

So many people are paying for something they have no idea about. After I showed something similar to this to a chiropractor, I asked him point blank, “What is your marketing company doing for you?” His answer to me was “I don’t know, but my phone rings.” His reason behind why he didn’t want to know more about ways to be more effective… “I am spending too much already.” Exactly the reason I made a special trip to see him.